One-height barre to choose from a variety of heights suitable for a dancer in height: Tiny, children, average height (1.60 m), tall.

The barre comes disassembled, so it can be brought to places with an accessibility problem (including carrying it in an elevator, etc.), and used in various spaces - at home, in a studio and anywhere.

The barre can be self-assembled - simply, no tools are needed - there is a screw with a plastic head for screwing in by hand.

(The barre comes packed, including simple self-assembly instructions).

Technical Specifications

One height barre to choose from a variety of heights - suitable for a dancer from 1.30 - 1.80.

Barre pillars - Made of iron, painted in an electrostatic paint, and maintain color durability over time.

Wooden poles - The poles are  made of three types of wood to choose from:

Pine - light and affordable.

Beech - Hard, massive, and high-quality.

Red hardwood - a high quality and luxurious.

The poles are thick ( 45 mm diameter)


Barre connections - screws with plastic head for manual tightening.


Barres height variety :

Four dancers heights to choose from -

Tiny - 1.30 - 1.45

Children - 1.45 - 1.55

Medium Height (Average) - 1.55 - 1.65

tall - 1.65 - 1.75

X High - 1.75 - 1.85

XX High - 1.85 - 2.00

Barre lengths:

1.3  meters - Suitable for personal use at home and anywhere, with the option of carrying case (including handles and shoulder strap).

1.9  meters - Suitable for 2-4 people together

2.4  meters - Suitable for use of 4-6 people together (Beech wood only).