About the Magic Barre

Magic Barre is an exclusive development of Magic Floor - dance equipment. (For details about more dance products go to magicfloor.co.il

It’s uniqueness:

Easy assembly and dismantling, requires no tools - folding barre.

Mobility -Easy to carry and  There option of purchasing a shoulder carrying bag. (For barre Length 1.30m)

Excellent For use at home, in a studio and anywhere and best for on-line dance sessions.

Stability - The leg is made of one (non-adjustable) key to increase stability. 




The wooden rods - Magic Barre is made of three types of wood to choose from:

Pine - light and affordable
Beech - Hard, massive, and high-quality wood
Red hardwood - a high quality and prestigious tree,

Carrying Bag

Carrying bag (length 1.30 m) where the Magic Barre parts can be stored - the barre can be disassembeled into parts, put into a bag, carried on the shoulder or stored in a cupboard. This allows maximum mobility for the barre.

The weight of the barre parts is light and allows you to carry it in the bag effortlessly.



Choose your own parts and assemble your Barre as you wish

You can assemble the barre from its various parts to fit exactly your needs:

For example -

1). I bought a barre at one height, by buying another supplement for a double barre - I got a double barre.

2). I bought another set of legs and got a variety of heights for the same barre

3). I bought a barre for my daughter, she wants to dance with a friend, so I bought a longerpole to extend the barre.